Gift Wrapping Ideas with Ribbon

It doesn’t just have to be the holidays to put a nice piece of ribbon to work for you. Birthdays, anniversaries and special occasions are a perfect reason to give a gift wrapped in ribbon. Here are a few neat ideas to get you started:

Adding Decorative Ribbon to Every Day Items
Colorful decorative ribbon transforms a very simple brown paper sack in to a lovely gift bag. It can also be a sweet touch for a lunch bag on a special day or to make any day special. Use decorative scissors to finish the opening, and then tie them closed with decorative ribbon. These work great for treat bags at school, add any holiday ribbon to change the theme. Add a sweet little note on a tag to make them extra special. Don’t buy expensive bags, just buy cute ribbon.

Elastic Cord and Gift Tags
Happen to have a bunch of paint swatches left over from your last redecorating project? Maybe you splurged on a premium quality wrapping paper and can’t find the right tag to match. Simple fix: Cut out round tags from those colorful paint chips. If you need more than a few, ask the store for cards with discontinued color shades. Punch a hole in the tag; tie on with elastic cord or embroidery floss, or thin ribbon that matches and BAM perfect tag!

The Best Gift of All

I was looking over the collection of greeting cards I have received over the years. All of them I treasure for one reason or another; one of them I truly cherish. It is from a friend who is very like me – in some ways. We both enjoy solitude, and can sit together companionably, reading, without having to interrupt or be entertained by the other.

In other ways, such as tastes and lifestyle, we couldn’t be farther apart. I love dress-up events in posh places, such as theaters and fancy hotels. She loves spiritual get-togethers with incense and candlelight. I look buttoned-down and Vogue; she looks mystical and other-worldly. Heck, I am a recovering chocaholic, a taste she infrequently indulges in. We may at times resemble the odd couple when we go places together, but we are friends, and have been for a long time.

The card that I cherish (and look at frequently) shows a delightful fantasy world, with princesses in pointed caps, a unicorn dipping its horn in a stream, and rabbits dressed in livery and tooting ceremonial bugles while doing balletic leaps in the air, all depicted against a background featuring a large rainbow. (Well, ok, you have to see it, but trust me, it represents my inner world.) The wonder is that she knew this when she saw it and sent it to me.

Unique Gift Ideas For Nature Lovers

Nature lovers are undoubtedly those who like to furnish their homes with items that come from nature. Nothing beats the warm feel of natural wood as opposed to the cold look and feel of plastic or metal. There are several beautiful wooden items that could be purchased and given to anyone as a unique gift choice to furnish their surroundings. Whether they choose to place these wooden gifts in their home or office, they will be sure to love the ideas as each wooden piece will bring them closer to nature.

One unique option out of several handmade wooden gifts would include handcrafted wooden pencils and pens. Most pencils and pens are usually mass produced out of plastic or metal-like substances. Unique wood gifts like pencils and pens will have a warm, comfortable feel as they are held for writing anything from daily tasks to official letters. It’s a great gift because everyone has need for pens and pencils. Those handcrafted from wood are extra special and will undoubtedly appeal to the nature lovers out there.

Something that is extra unique and beautiful is a wooden oil lamp. This can help to make any home or cabin feel warm and cozy. It makes the lighting appear soft and natural with the ever-warming glow of a lit oil lamp. It takes anyone back to the ages where oil lamps were the only way to light a room and does so with the beauty and elegance of hand-carved wood. This decorative piece would look elegant in any decorating style whether or not it was lit which is what makes this unique gift even more so appealing. This item not only serves as a decorative piece, but can also serve as an emergency light in case the electricity goes out. The functionality provided with such a gift is undeniable and any nature lover would absolutely love it.

Exclusive Marie Designer Flower Girl Dress And Arthur Page Boy Outfits At Little Eglantine

Stephanie Staub, a renowned French designer for Couture flower girl dresses and bespoke page boy outfits, showed her new exclusive Marie flower girl dress and Arthur page boy outfits for the first time online.

The new Marie flower girl dress exudes a romantic elegance reminiscent of French sophistication. The dress combines the luxury of embroidered taffeta and the softness of white and blue colours. The design is unique, with its exquisite sash crossed at the back, following the shape of the V neckline.

Stephanie Staub, designer of Little Eglantine explains the thoughts behind the design of the new dress: I wanted to design a dress that would be very stylish yet respecting the mischievousness of little girls. I simply love the fabric, I find it very sophisticated. The design of the sash gives a Couture touch to this lovely dress. Marie flower girl dress coupled with Arthur page boy outfits give the perfect touch to a luxury wedding.

Wholesale Sunglasses For The Fashionably Frugal

Even though man is born with a pair of eyes with a nose in between, there is no reason why the individual should constrain him- or herself to a single pair of eyewear. Fast becoming part of the ensemble, an attractive pair serves to complement and complete the overall look. It is thus not a wonder that establishments offering wholesale sunglasses become regular haunts for fashion fanatics out on a hunt for accessories. Frames and lenses in accordance to the rainbow spectrum, designs come fast and furious to attract clientele in picking them up for a sunny day at the beach or an adrenaline rush at the race tracks.

Wholesale fashion sunglasses have certainly breached the conventional rule regarding a pair being sufficient to serve all needs. Why settle for the traditional cut when there are myriad more to adorn ones face? Rather than being mistaken as part of a surveillance team attempting to blend into the crowd with their government issued eyewear, there is certainly just cause for butterfly cuts with embedded crystals to pick up a sparkle or two. Others who are secretly nurturing a dream to fly across oceans and lands may best settle for the look of an adventurer by donning aviator glasses with a white silk scarf around ones neck.

As this form of eyewear is meant to ward off dust, dirt and dazzling sunlight, these do not constitute the sole purpose of putting them on. Since commoners are frequently struck with a need to dress akin to their favorite celebrities, scoring wholesale sunglasses often worn by the in crowd allows them to present an attractive package without inflicting too much of a punishment to their finances. Funnily enough, these eyewear seem to function well in places of less-lit conditions as many an A crowd seem to brandish dark glasses whilst out of a night of clubbing or walk on the red carpet. Perhaps the type of lens allows sufficient light to penetrate without exposing the identity of its wearer. Fact or fiction, this certainly makes the annals of things done for the sake of fashion.

Shopping For Furniture Narrow Results By Dimensions

When we bought our house I was trying to figure out where to put everything and what new furniture I would need to buy. Bookcases were high on the list. Not looking for high end furniture, I decided to search online. There are over 9000 bookcases on! I spent a lot of time looking through hundreds that weren’t even the right size let alone the right color or style. There wasn’t any way to search by size reliably either.

Why was I so concerned about size? When I was searching for the perfect bookcases for our office I ended up buying based on price, style, customer reviews, and shipping costs. I didn’t, however, pay enough attention to size. The bookcases ended up being much smaller than I expected. Barely 4 feet tall. Now I pay much closer attention to the dimensions! In fact, I can quote the exact size of bookcase I am looking for to use in the kitchen for cookbooks and as a shelf for my Aerogarden. It has to be less than 30 inches to fit under the chair rail molding, and I’d like it to be wider than 36 inches so there is lots of room.

I browsed through hundreds of bookcases on Amazon looking for short and wide items. I even looked at console tables to see if they would match my space. Amazon doesn’t seem to index the item dimensions in a way that allows us to search through them. This gave me an idea though. I still haven’t bought the bookcase I want, but I’ve narrowed it down to two. One is a little bit too tall and the other is a little bit too long.

Finding the Right Mix to smarten up your Bathroom

Bathrooms often reflect the elegance and style of the house. More than just necessity, people go to their bathrooms for different reasons. The addition of certain bathroom fixtures make their stay inside the bathroom more relaxing and comforting than ever. Because of this newfound love for the shower room, bathroom facelifts have become a popular phrase in recent years.

As it is, most homeowners now consider the bathroom to be as essential as the living room or any other room within the house. After all, you can always show the guest the best room in the house, but you cannot stop him or her from going to the bathroom. A number of consumers want to have celebrity style bathrooms. Unfortunately, most households have limited floor space. This would mean that extending the bathroom is not always an option. You could, however, create a plan about how you can improve the look and feel of your current bathroom without having to alter its current layout.

The first things that you need to consider are the areas of the bathroom that should be repaired or replaced, either because they are already broken or their presence would significantly change the style you want to implement. Whilst cheap products can provide a quick fix, these are usually not durable enough to last for years. Another problem for cheap products is that it is hard to find the right style to use for each. This means that these low cost fixtures might not fit in if you have a certain theme in mind for your bathroom facelift. Suffice it to say, smartening up your bathroom is a very big investment.